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Smart Financing Solutions for start ups, small businesses & full blown enterprises.

"The B-500 Credit Line saved my business & helped me buy the new equipment we needed to scale up."

~ Michael, Restauranteur

The Commercial

Credit Line Mortgage

Unlock the Equity in your Commercial Property to invest in your business, renovate your property, and more!

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  • Lines of Credit

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Business 500 Home Equity Credit Line

Use the Equity in Your Home to Power Your Business

  • Business Owners can Qualify for up to $500,000 Credit Line Using the Equity In their Homes.

  • Designed for Business Owners who Declare Low Personal Income

  • No Financials or Personal Income Tax Documents Required

  • Credit Line Can Also Be Secured with an Investment Property

  • START-UP Financing Program Available

  • No Monthly Fees / No Annual Fees

  • Approval Limit and Rate based on Business Bank Statements,

  • Fixed Interest Rates range from 4.99% to 9.99%

Senior (CHIP)  Mortgages

Use Your Home to Fund Your Retirement and Receive Tax Free Monthly Income

You took care of your home for 30 years, now let it take care of you. Unlock some of the earned equity in your home to help subsidize your lifestyle & live your best life now.

It's your turn. You've earned it.

  • Access up to 55% of the Value of Your Home.

  • No Monthly Mortgage Payments Required!

  • No Income or Credit Score Needed

  • Receive TAX FREE Lump Sum or Monthly Income

  • Only Pay Back Mortgage when Home is Sold*

  • Use Funds For Anything: Debt, Vacation, Second Home, etc..

  • Rates range from 4.95% to 6.95% APR

The REALTOR® Home Equityline VISA

Qualify for 4X More Than You Would at a Bank!

  • Licensed REALTORS Qualify for up to $500,000

  • Only Credit Line that Accepts 100% of Commission Income

  • Only Credit Line that can be Registered on a Rental Property

  • Earn 1% Cash Back on All Purchases

  • Monthly Payments only on Credit Used*

  • 21-Day Interest Free Period on Purchases

  • Rates Start at Just 4.99% to 9.99%

  • No Annual Fee, No Monthly Fee


Mortgage Rates

A few years ago, there were essentially only 2 Mortgage Rates that were offered:

High Ratio OR Conventional.

These days most banks & lenders have at least 20 different rates at any given time based on your income, debt service ratio, etc. We provide our clients with complete

Mortgage & Financing Solutions that are tailored to their goals and lifestyle.

We rate shop for you, and represent you in the deal. We've built relationships with more than

50 Canadian Banks & Lenders, which means lower rates & faster approvals for our clients.

We often encourage potential clients to go to their banks, ask them to give you their absolute best offer, and then give us a call.


Remember, banks are trying to sell you their most profitable product. They work in the interest of their shareholders and sales quotas. WE WORK FOR YOU.

Commercial Pre-Approvals

Buy or Sell Your Commercial Listing with Pre-Approved Financing. 

80% of Commercial Real Estate Purchases hinge on the Property being Approved for Financing.

Remove this barrier by including:


  • Selling? Gain a competitive advantage by including Financing in your Commercial Listing.

  • REALTORS® close more deals & book more showings when their Listings include Financing. 

  • Buying? Make your offer more appealing by "waiving Financing".




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