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6 Perks of the Realtor Home Equity Line of Credit

There are many different types of lines of credit available out there, but none of them are tailored to the unique needs of a Realtor. That is where The Realtor Home Equity Line of Credit comes in. This line of credit is commission-friendly financing designed especially for Realtors.

Here are some of the reasons The Realtor Credit Line is perfectly suited for Realtors:

  1. Qualify for up to $800,000 Home Credit Line.

  2. We offer the only credit line that accepts 100% of a realtor's commission income for approval.

  3. We do not require any personal tax information or financial statements to qualify you. Just your paid & pending commission income!

  4. It can be registered on a residential rental property.

  5. We include 100% of the rental income for approval. (Banks only use 50%)

  6. You will have access to the funds quickly through a convenient VISA Card attached to the line.

After signing up with us, you will be able to use your new home equity line of credit for anything you want, including:

  • A down payment to purchase additional properties

  • Consolidate your debt and pay off private mortgages

  • Expand your business and marketing campaigns

  • Renovate your home and rental properties

West Liberty Financial is the Finance & Mortgage Specialist for Realtors. We've created a series of Mortgage and Credit Line products for Home and Income Properties designed exclusively for Real Estate Professionals. Get approved in less time, with less paperwork, and under Terms and Rates that were never available before.

For more information, or if you have any questions, contact us today! You can call or text us at 416 879 7777.

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