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Talks with Titans: How to be 10 Steps Ahead in Real Estate With Joe Rea

In a recent interview for our Talks with Titans video series, we spoke with Joe Rea from Jesse & Joe Realtor Group. A good realtor is always 10 steps ahead. From pre-planning pitches to figuring out the best new way to sell a listing that just won’t budge, the best realtors know that a sure way to succeed is to help the clients with whatever they may need.

Joe explained how he thinks heavily in the future, both for his clients and his work. Often, when a house isn’t selling, he goes out of his way to find and invent new, creative ideas to market or sell the space. A good realtor puts their clients first, and Joe shares that he is more than willing to go above and beyond to please his clients, sell their properties, and help his business even more by acquiring more listings and more clients.

To succeed, Joe tells us that you have to stay ahead of the competition, which means paying attention to the ever-changing real estate market and staying in tune with it to predict any new potential trends. Joe reflects on needing to stay ahead of other agents and says that, to do that, he must always be thinking and strategizing for their clients.

Like Joe, we at West Liberty Financial care deeply about our clients and want to make sure they always get appropriately treated. We never want to disappoint and will go above and beyond to make sure we’re getting you the best mortgage for your needs.

With West Liberty Financial, you can get approved for a better Mortgage Rate in less time, with less paperwork. Even if you don’t think you could qualify, we will do everything in our power to get you a lower rate. These days, paying over 5% is unacceptable.

Text us at 416 879 7777 to book a time to call. Is your mortgage renewal coming up? We’ll negotiate a better rate. Are you looking for a commercial credit line? We’ve got you covered. Reach out now.

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