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The Realtor 3.29% Rental Mortgage: What to Know & Who It’s For

Are you closing on an Income Property soon? Then you should check out our Realtor Rental Mortgage!

The Realtor Rental Mortgage is explicitly designed for Real Estate professionals who are investing in income properties. With West Liberty Financial, you can get approved for a significantly higher mortgage amount than any other bank. With us, you can qualify for up to $1.5 Million based ONLY on your 2020 Closed and Pending Commission Income. Applying to both Purchases and Refinances.

How is this possible?

To qualify and get approval for a mortgage, we look at 100% of your 2020/21 Gross Commission Income.

We also include any pending income you may have as part of your income, allowing you to qualify for a more considerable amount than other banks. While most banks only use 50% of the rental income you earn across all existing income properties, we use 100%.

Many Real Estate professionals are unaware that most banks will not do financing for investors that have 5 or more properties; however, with West Liberty Financial, large portfolios with 10+ properties are our specialty.

What are the terms?

The terms are 1 - 3 years with up to 30-year amortization. The RENTAL Mortgage goes up to 80% loan to value and is portable. The interest rate is 3.29% Fixed (owner occupied 2.79%). In addition to all this, we do not require any personal tax information or financial statements from you, and we have up to a $1,000 appraisal fee rebate.

West Liberty Financial is the Finance & Mortgage Specialists for Realtors. We've created a series of Mortgage and Credit Line products for Home and Income Properties designed exclusively for Real Estate Professionals. Get approved in less time, with less paperwork, and under Terms and Rates that were never available before realtors. For more information, call or text us today at 416.879.7777.

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