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Commercial Property

Pre-Approval Program

Get The Edge. 

BUY or SELL Your Commercial Listing with Pre- Approved Financing.

Commercial Pre-Approval Program

Selling a Commercial Property?

Don't Let Financing Kill Your Deal.

Sell your Commercial Property Faster with a

Pre-Approved Mortgage Included in the Listing Details.


Buying a Commercial Property?

Make Your Offer Count!

Get a Commercial Mortgage Pre-Approval & Beat the Competition by Waiving the Financing Condition.


  • A Commercial Mortgage Pre-Approval program for properties LISTED FOR SALE or FOR BUYERS looking for Commercial Properties

  • Pre-Approval based on the Property Type, Value & Income

  • Specialize in Store Front Apartments & Owner Occupied Properties

  • Pre-Approval provided by Canadian Bank with Competitive Rates

  • Pre-Approval can be provided within 48 hours


  • Rates range from 4.75% to 5.95% APR

  • 1, 3, and 5 Year Terms Available

  • Up to 75% Loan to Value (LTV)

  • Both Fixed and Variable Rates Available

  • Up to 25 Year Amortization

  • Vendor Take Back (VTB) Permitted up to 90% LTV

  • 10% Annual Pre-Payment Privilege

  • Processing Fees are only 2% of Loan Amount


Trustworthy Lenders

Pre-Approval provided by a Canadian Bank with competitive rates & terms.


Unique Property Experts

We Pre-Approve when Banks won't!  Specialize in Store-Front Apartments & Owner Occupied Properties.


Quick Turnaround

Get your Commercial Pre-Approval within 2 business days.

Commercial Pre-Approval Form
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Property Type:  Strip Plaza

The Win:  More Showings, Sold Faster

My showings more than tripled when I added Pre-Approved Financing to my Commercial Listing. The Property was Pre-Approved for up to 75% LTV , 5.25%, 5 years, and 25 yr. Amortization. 

The Buyer ended up using the Pre-Approval & waived the Financing clause. Sale closed within 60 days.

~ R. Morgan, REALTOR®


Property Type:  Store Front Apartment

The Win:  Approved with a Low Stated Income

I used to rent the Main Floor of a Store Front Apartment building. The Owner advised me that he had an offer to buy the building for $1.5M. 

My Lease had a “First Right of Refusal" clause so I went to my Bank to see how much I could be approved for.  They immediately declined me because I was not declaring enough Income. 


Thankfully, I was referred to West Liberty - within 24 hours they Pre-Approved me up to 75% LTV based on the Sales reported on my Bank Statements, not Financial Statements. I matched the Offer and the Owner sold me the building.

~ M. Huntington, Small Business Owner


Property Type:  Property + Renovations

The Win:  Including Reno Costs into Your Mortgage

My client wanted to make an offer on Property that needed substantial renovations. He wanted to know if he could afford the property as well as the cost of the renovations. Within a day we were approved for 70% LTV - 10% of which we could use to Renovate the building.  Using part of our Commercial Mortgage that was amortized for 25 years was an amazing option and far less expensive than getting a regular loan for the renos.

~ F. Da Silva, REALTOR®

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