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Qualify up to $1.5 Million based on 100%  Closed & Pending Commission Income


  • Qualify up to $1.5 Million on a Residential Mortgage on 100% of Paid & Pending Commission Income ONLY

  • Applies to both Purchases and Refinances

  • Terms: 1-3 Years, Up to 30-Year Amortization and 80% Loan to Value, and Portable

  • Holding Companies Permitted

  • Must close within 90 days of Approval


  • If you are having a great year, then this is the Mortgage for you!

  • Rental Properties Allowed -100% Rental Income used for Approval

  • NO Personal Tax Information or Financial Statements

  • NO Notice of Assessments or T1-Generals Required



  • Mortgage is Registered with Canadian Bank

  • Lender & Brokerage Fee: 2% of Mortgage Amount

  • All Closing Costs and Fees can be deducted from new mortgage.

2.99 Form


"In over 15 years in the Banking Industry, the 2.59% Mortgage Promo is the lowest Interest Rate I have ever seen offered by a Bank that only requires 1-Year of the Realtor’s Commission Sales to qualify."

Apostolos Sigalas, Mortgage Broker

Question & Answer

Q: Because of the COVID-19 shut down, I didn’t really have any sales this year, but I have about $50,000 in Commission being paid this December from some Pre-Construction condos I sold a few years ago that are finally closing. 

Can I use theses Pending Commissions as Income to qualify for the 2.59% Promo?


A: YES!  We have many Realtor clients who are in the EXACT same situation as you, and we have been able to approve them for a mortgage.  Even those Realtors whose Credit Score dropped because of expenses incurred during the Pandemic.


Q: I own 5 Condos in the GTA, and I have another two closing this year. I bank with TD and they told me they can’t approve me for any mortgages if own more than 5 properties.  Do I still qualify for the Realtor Mortgage Promo?


A: Absolutely!  There is no maximum for Rental Properties owed. 

You still only need 20% as a Down Payment, and we can still use 100% of your Rental Income, and your 2020 Commission Income to qualify you for the mortgages.


Q: I was really lucky that I had lots of Pre-construction Sales close in 2020, so it was great year for me even with the COVID slowdown. 

I plan to write off a lot of my expense when I file my taxes, does that affect my chances at being approved for the mortgage promo.

A: Nope. What you write off is between you and the CRA.  We don’t need your Personal Tax information so please don’t send them to us.

       NO Notice of Assessments or T1-Generals Required

       NO Business Financial Statements Required

       NO Commission Income from past years Required


Q: Because of the COVID slowdown, my husband was laid off and my 2020 Real Estate sales stalled.  

    In order to survive the past year, I practically maxed out our Lines of Credits and Credit Cards to over $80,000 to cover

    our family's living expenses.  

   Thank goodness my husband was re-hired in September and I have some closings that will actually happen.

    If I Refinance my home to pay off the Credit Cards, will the bank make us close them?  

     I want to pay them off, but I don’t want to lose them.


A: Absolutely not. This Promo allows clients to keep all their credit cards and lines after they are paid off.

We believe you should be able to keep all your Credit Facilities that you have earned over the years.


Q; I just started working as a Realtor in 2019, and I didn’t really close much.  But I had a pretty good year in 2020 because of some big purchases from some overseas investors. Do I still qualify for the Promo if I have been a Realtor less than 2- years? 

A: Yes. And congratulations on a great year!


Q: I want refinance my home under the program to pay off my $100,000 Private Mortgage and Credit Cards.  But I don’t have money to pay for the costs to pay for the Penalties, Legal Fees, and Closing Costs. 

Can I include those costs in the Refinance amount or do I have to pay for them myself?


A: We always ensure that all costs associated with a Refinance are incorporated in the mortgage amount.  You will never have to use your savings to pay for your closing costs.


Q: I own and live in a Triplex that is worth about $1.2 Million and has a small mortgage of about $300,000. I am interested in buying a 4-Plex for $1.6 Million. Can I refinance my Triplex and use those funds for the down payment to buy the 4-Plex?


A: We like the way you think.  Not only can we refinance your home for the $320,000 down payment required under the 2.59% program, but we can also approve the 4-Plex for the mortgage.


Q: I bought a few Pre-Construction Condos that are closing in November. 

I was the only Agent on the purchase and I am receiving the 5% Commission the deal and want to use it for the Down Payment on the Condo. Can I do that under the Program?


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