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10 Advantages of The Rental Equity Line of Credit

At West Liberty Financial, we are the exclusive home of the R.E.L.O.C (Rental Equity Line of Credit), which allows you to unlock equity in your home or income property to finance your next purchase, and essentially grow your real estate portfolio.

We believe in smart real estate investing, and that means being smart with your cash. The RELOC is designed to help Real Estate Investors use equity to create guessed it. Equity.

Here’s why the RELOC makes a ton of sense of Real Estate Investors:

  1. Qualify for up to a $500,000 Credit Limit & up to 80% Loan to Value.

  2. Up to 10 Properties are permitted.

  3. It is the only equity credit line that can be registered on an income property.

  4. 100% of the rental income is used for approval (banks only account for 50%)

  5. No personal tax information or financial statements are required for approval.

  6. Earn 1% cashback on all purchases.

  7. There is a 21-Day interest-free period on purchases

  8. Interest only payments on credit used

  9. Come with a convenient Credit Card for you to use in-Store and online.

  10. There are no upfront fees, no annual fees, and no monthly fees.

West Liberty Financial is the Finance & Mortgage Specialist for Realtors.

We've created a series of Mortgage and Credit Line products for Home and Income Properties designed exclusively for Real Estate Professionals. Get approved in less time, with less paperwork, and under Terms and Rates that were never available before.

Book a call with Apostolos today, he’ll help you achieve your Real Estate Portfolio goals.

Call or text at 416 879 7777

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